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“Eyeball allows us to widen our scouting horizon and our possibilities in terms of watching players and teams everywhere without the need to physically be there. With video analysis we save time, money and have much more expertise.”

- Mathieu Frison, Academy Chief Scout

“Eyeball is a tool that has the potential to fill the void in youth football, it brings access to exclusive information that is extremely useful.”

- Roberto Morais, International Youth Scout

“Eyeball allows us to have a global vision on different markets, without needing people on the ground. It enables us to have faster decision making on players.”

- Geoffrey Moncada, Chief Scout

“Eyeball is a great complementary tool to our scouting department, it gives us a competitive edge on other clubs. We are also now able to track the development of players we have on pre-contracts.”

- Pascal Droehnle, Academy Chief Scout

“A fantastic tool for analyzing players in depth. Eyeball also allows us to verify the reliability of information we receive on players, allowing us to increase the quality and speed of our decision making.”

- Sebastien Vaugeois, Academy Chief Scout

“This is a must have for any professional club looking to find top quality youth players in a cost-efficient way. Eyeball gives access to exclusive data and information on the highest level of youth football that nobody else can provide.”

- Martin Dahlin, former Swedish International Player and Football Agent

“Eyeball is a modern and innovative platform that gives great exposure to young players in West Africa. This is a platform that will help many young players reach their dreams and have an opportunity to be identified by countries abroad.”

- Guillermo Zaragoza, First Team Manager, WAFA

“Eyeball gives us the tools to get closer to the professional world in our working methods. We always want our players to go to professional academies, and I think every single professional club will and should subscribe to Eyeball.”

- JF Niangui, Technical Director, US Torcy

“We use Eyeball to get an advantage in our recruitment. We focus on buying young players, and Eyeball gives us an opportunity to sign topclass youth players from youth clubs. With Eyeball we can reduce the risk of wrong investments.”

- Jim Larsen, Chief Scout, AAB

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