Eyeball’s groundbreaking intelligent video system allows youth clubs to automatically record their games

Full Pitch View

The Eyeball camera covers 180 degrees allowing scouts to have a full pitch view in 4k quality.

Remotely controllable

Clubs enter their games into the Eyeball calendar, automatically activating the camera when planned.

Autonomously solar powered

Ensuring that the video system is self sufficient.

Optimal viewing height,

The system is 7.5 meters tall, giving scouts the optimal height to analyse games.

Eyeball’s automated camera provides consistent high quality video coverage of key youth games.

The tool is adapted to scout’s working methods.


Manually track parts of the pitch

Drag around freely to lock in on players you wish to follow closely, on and off the ball.

Automatically track the ball

Activate the AI and follow the ball automatically.

4/5 55% 8/10

Efficiently analyse games and players with data

Our intelligent video solution allows us to derive AI-powered analytics such highlights and statistics, optimising your analysis of games and players.

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