Eyeball Successfully Complete It’s Funding Round

In January 2024, investment discussions between Eyeball and The Denmark based VC Founderment came to a successful conclusion. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in Eyeball’s journey towards further expansion and innovation in the sports tech industry.

“We’ve been following Eyeball for quite some time and we are excited about seeing their vision of revolutionizing youth football scouting at a global scale take shape. It’s a compelling journey that we want to support, explains CEO of FOUNDERMENT Anders Mogensen.

Eyeball’s motto is “Talent is everywhere.” And with the proliferation of low-cost camera technology, and the advent of AI driven data analysis, eyeball today delivers a robust digital platform offering unparalleled access to a vast array of data on more than 100.000 youth players from 23 international markets with AI analysed matches that makes online talent scouting and recruitment very efficient.

Eyeball is trusted by over 100 top professional clubs for its innovative approach to talent scouting and decision-making efficiency, but at the same time the company is democratizing access to advanced tools for youth player development previously exclusively available only to professional football. This is not only driving development in the professional clubs but also when 16 year olds play football whether in Senegal, Strasbourg or Stockhom their true talent is being presented to the multitude of opportunities available in the professional game.

“it’s a difficult time to be out in the market looking to raise venture funds, but we trusted our vision and our exceptional team, and I think that enabled Founderment to quickly see the potential that Eyeball has and how they specifically, could contribute as both financial and strategic partners as we enter our next growth phase.” David Hicks, Eyeball CBDO. “with funding support secured, we can push on with confidence, and deliver on our expansion plans for 2024, which will see Eyeball extend its coverage of Europe and Africa and make the first move into core Latin American markets.”

Founderment a Danish early-stage venture fund was founded by Christian Schwarz Lausten and Anders Mogensen, in collaboration with Heartland A/S, and invests in ambitious technology startups with skilled founder teams.

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