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Eyeball invites and welcomes approaches from potential brand or technology partners who have an interest in our project and who share our core vision.

We invite you to
join us on our mission.

With 265 million players and 3.5 billion fans all over the world, football is truly a global sport.
Eyeball’s emphasis on youth talent positions us uniquely as the gateway to the next generation of top talent.
Gain invaluable access and insights into the exciting world of youth football with Eyeball.

Opportunities for brands

Eyeball welcomes approaches from potential brand partners, who have an interest in our project and who share our core vision. Our centralising platform brings together a community that extends to:

If you are a brand that has interest in this community, we would be happy to discuss if a collaboration would benefit all parties.

Opportunities for tech brands

If you are developing technology, services or products that are aimed at the markets and stakeholders central to our mission, then we are open to discussing opportunities for collaboration. Some of Eyeball’s specific interests are:

If you are a tech brand endeavouring to progress youth football, get in touch for a possible collaboration.

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