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We are inspired by a dedication to youth football’s untapped potential.
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It all starts with our extensive database of youth players, which can be accessed through the Eyeball platform. Through the platform you can access player profiles, match video, and player performance data.

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In recent years, Benfica have developed and sold on a large number of high-profile footballers who have gone on to establish themselves as world-class. From centre-backs to star strikers, the club is now known as a serious talent factory.

In any discussion about the success of Benfica’s academy, it’s important to note that the reason the club focuses so heavily on its youth system is because of the financial constraints it operates under. In the Portuguese league, they don’t have access to anywhere near the level of commercial revenue or sponsorship money available to clubs in the Premier League or La Liga, so they are forced to find other ways to make money.

Developing and selling on players has been a hugely effective way of doing so, particularly in the last decade. And it also reduces the need for signing players from other clubs, which can be much more expensive and risky compared to bringing through youth team players.

In 2022, CIES Football Observatory (also known as the International Centre for Sports Studies) ranked Benfica’s academy as the most profitable in the world. Since 2015, the club has generated €379m in sales of former academy players.

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Video coverage is important for Eyeball’s data analysis. But we are not a camera company – we are “hardware agnostic.” Because we are not tied to any camera brand, we can focus on what matters to us: the coverage and data.

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