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The world’s most influential video database in youth football: video analysis and detailed player profiles.

Talent is everywhere.

Eyeball’s flagship product is our online scouting platform with a video database of over 100,000 youth players. Search for, evaluate and compare the performance of top-talents with efficiency, accuracy, and without the hassle and cost of travel.


By focusing on youth and optimising academy recruitment, your club can generate a significant and reliable income stream.


Eyeball is a contemporary scouting platform, built with insights from Europe‘s leading clubs and academies. See how the technology can be used to find top talents.


 Eyeball features coverage in all major markets across Europe and West Africa – with more countries to come. See where we currently operate. 


Getting your youth recruitment
process right yields benefits

Start landing
top talent with Eyeball


Here’s how to use Eyeball to land top talent


Search for players

You have multiple ways to search our platform. Search using criteria like position, age, nationality. Search by clubs. Search with a data-driven approach with 13 statistical parameters, like passes in the final third, take-on’s, shots on target, etc. Or Filter players based on a rating created by the Eyeball algorithm.


Player profiles

Analysed players from our partner clubs have detailed profiles that go beyond a bio and club contacts. Get a summary of key stats compiled by AI and a list of their full matches.


Assessing performance

Watch multiple full games of a player or jump to their in-game highlights.
Assess player performance using Eyeball’s data breakdown.



Here are the key markets where Eyeball operates

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Blue shadow


Subscriptions are country specific. We also offer package deals for multiple country subscriptions.
To learn more and get a quote based on your countries of interest, get in touch with us. 

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