Is Eyeball Revolutionising Global Youth Scouting?

“There are 15 and 16-year-olds who will be superstars of the next World Cup. They’re growing up on our platform now. Some clubs just don’t realise it yet,” says Eyeball co-founder David Hicks.

It is one of the messages the company has been hammering home to European clubs since 2020, when it embarked on its mission to revolutionise the scouting industry.

As the first video scouting platform for elite youth football, Eyeball’s goal is to become part of every club’s recruitment arsenal in the same way Wyscout has at senior level. It is well on its way. More than 112,000 players, from under-12 to under-21 level, feature on Eyeball’s platform, a database that spans 570 different clubs in 23 countries.

It has 110 European clubs — including eight English Premier League clubs.

Eyeball is now backed by an investment group overseen by a Danish billionaire.”

Those are the first few words that Jordan Campbell wrote in his latest piece around Eyeball in the Athletic.

The article goes on to mention Eyeball’s newest investors allowing the company to bet further on the expansion of their product globally in 2024.

Read more about Eyeball’s road towards becoming the global home for youth football below:

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