Scouting Norway

Why scout Norway?

With their young Norwegian talisman propelling Manchester City to the Champions League, Premiere League, and FA Cup Treble last season, the youth football scene in Norway deserves a serious look.

It’s a country that can only be effectively scouted with video — and EYEBALL is the only scouting platform prioritising youth players. With an EYEBALL subscription you can scout Norway’s National U15, U17, and U19 leagues.

If Norway looks interesting, it’s almost certain that Denmark and Sweden will also offer opportunities.

The Danish system is “missing” a reserve team or a U21’s setup. This means a lot of top 18+ talents, who are not quite ready for first team action are lost to the system. Many of these players would benefit and be attracted to move to a club operating a U21 or Reserve team.

In Sweden, the internal scouting system is less developed, which means top talents often emerge in random clubs across the country. Young Swedish players are typically very open to international trials, and the recruitment process is very straightforward.

Scouting Norway, Denmark, or Sweden costs as little as EUR 300 /month.

Get more out of Scandinavia

The Norwegian market is heating up, but Scandinavia as a whole is a hotbed of untapped talent. Optimize visibility for this dynamic market with a regional subscription to all of EYEBALL Scandinavia.

Scouting all of Scandinavia with Eyeball starts at EUR 1000 /month.

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