Liam Bourlard: an Eyeball Signing

Cavigal Nice’s Liam Bourlard, born in 2008 and already in the U17 national team, has been impressing with his performances. These can be seen exclusively on our platform via the filmed matches of our partner club Cavigal Nice. He has caught the eye of several French professional clubs including Eyeball clients ESTAC Troyes who announced last week the signing of the 2008 born player.

ESTAC’s Recruitment Director David Saintives tells us: “Liam Bourlard was seen by our academy recruitment team for the 1st time at a U15 tournament on the pitch. Thanks to Eyeball we were then able to deepen our research and follow-up of the player by continuing to follow his performances at Cavigal Nice.”

Eyeball’s platform is mainly used by prestigious professional clubs around the world to uncover talents but some forward-thinking agencies have also subscribed to Eyeball in order to discover and track players. Liam’s agent Mikkel Bech, owner of Beckster International, tells us more about Liam:

“Liam is one of the most fantastic people I know with a great family behind him. He has fought very hard for this opportunity and deserves every bit of success that comes his way. We are proud to see him sign with ESTAC Troyes, joining them this summer. He is a player with great potential. His versatility allows him to play multiple positions well with both defensive and offensive capabilities. Ultimately what has taken him this far is his outstanding mentality and makes his ceiling for success limitless”.

He also adds how Eyeball has enabled their process: “We as an agency aim to always use industry leading tools in all that we do and Eyeball serves us in our daily work with young players, especially in France. Related to Liam, we have used Eyeball to rewatch and analyse his performance after seeing them live but also track performances that we weren’t able to attend. It gives us the freedom to dive deeper in the performances of our young players.”

Eyeball’s mission is to help uncover talent but in the process we offer high-level analysis tools to our youth clubs completely free of charge enabling them to up their working methods.

Liam’s U17 Nationals coach Amine Boutaj also gives us his take on Eyeball’s day-to-day impact on his team: “Eyeball allows us to film and analyse our matches and certain training sessions in order to assess collective and individual performances. As well as being an indispensable tool for the development of our players, we’re happy to be able to give them additional visibility towards professional clubs.”

Congratulations to Liam from everyone at Eyeball. We look forward to following his journey further.

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