Searching Paris for Youth Football Talent

When it comes to scouting in France, the Paris region is naturally a big focus for most clubs.

Kylian Mbappé (Bondy), Randal Kolo-Muani (Torcy), Paul Pogba (Torcy), Riyad Mahrez (Sarcelles), Alan Saint-Maximin (ACBB), William Saliba (Montfermeil) are all players that come from the Paris region. And the next generation of top players is already playing in those clubs.

70 millionpeople live in France, 12 million live in Paris and its suburbs. Football is by far the number one sport and is part of the culture of most kids. They just play football all the time. But the way the youth football system is structured is actually creating a lot of opportunities for clubs in search of Parisian talent.

Many years ago, the FFF created the “Pole Espoirs” system. These are regional talent development programs for players U13-U15. Most French clubs prioritise players from the pole espoirs in their recruitment, which can sound logical but can also miss out on crucial talent.

There are 13 pole espoirs in France, and only 1 in Paris! With 20 players per generation only, it’s simply impossible to have all the good players in the Paris region in the program.

Also, there are only 2 professional clubs in Paris that can offer contracts at youth level: PSG and Paris FC. That is a very low ratio and therefore an opportunity for clubs outside the region to scoop up players.

So where do the other players play? In the amateur clubs.

Eyeball equips these clubs with cameras and on our platform you’ll be able to find the best selection of amateur clubs and games in the Paris region.

Here’s how to filter the Paris region in the club section on Eyeball:

  1. Select France,

  2. Go under clubs and filter through the geographic region.

Learn more about Eyeball’s scouting platform and how you can use it to find top talent in Paris and beyond.

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