Vive la Southern France!

When it comes to scouting in France, everybody agrees that the Paris region is one of the most resourceful in the world. As much as clubs like PSG or Amiens have built almost 100% oftheir scouting strategy around players from the Paris region, we believe that the South of France is a very overlooked region for talent.

Wesley Fofana (Chelsea), Evan Guessand (OGC Nice), Tom Louchet (2003, OGC Nice), Eliesse Ben Seghir (2005, Monaco), Mohamed Simakan (Leipzig), Said Benrahma (Lyon), Ilan Kebbal (Paris FC), Olivier Boscagli (PSV) are all players that arefrom the south of France. Digging deeper in this region could help you land overlooked talent and indeed provide you with a huge competitive advantage.

For easy access, Eyeball has handpicked some of the best Southern French clubs:

  • Bel Air (Marseille region): Bel Air is famous for sending between 5-10 players to academies each season. Both their U17 and U19 teams are playing in the National league, and are performing well this season.

  • Marignane Gignac (Marseille region): Another exciting club in the Marseille region is Marignane Gignac. They have an especially strong U19 team this season.

  • Cavigal Nice(Nice): You might have heard of Elias Araar Fernandez (2006) who has recently been on the bench a few times with Strasbourg’s first team. He was playing in Cavigal just 1.5 years ago. This year they have a top U17 team performing at a very high level with a top coach, and their goalkeeper has already signed for Saint Etienne.

  • Colomiers(Toulouse region): Colomiers in the Southwest of France is famous for notables like Said Benrahma. Currently they have several interesting players worth checking out.

And if you’re looking for videos of players from professional academies like AS Monaco, Nice, Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse or Ajaccio, you can find coverage of thier games on the Eyeball Platform.

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